Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hello from GREECE!!!

Hey everybody!!!
Just wanted to post something real quick while we had a few minutes at the internet cafe!! We are having a blast!! The flight over was the most interesting, hottest, and longest flight with no sleep ever! The flight was 9 hours long! But, we made it safely and thats what counts! :) We spent a day in Athens, then boarded the AquaMarine cruise ship to Mykonos (absolutely amazing), today we visited Lindos and Rhodes, 2 islands in Greece! Tomorrow we head to visit the country of Turkey, which is on the continent of Asia!! Then we go back to Athens for 2 days! We are having a blast and I can't wait to share all my pictures!

I wish you all could be here with us!!!!

If I can find another internet cafe before we leave, I'll post another time, if not, then I'll see you when we get back!!!

Miss you all!!!

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