Monday, March 16, 2009

Good News!!

So, as you know from previous posts. My company decided to downsize in my dept; and I had to reapply for my job, last Wednesday. Well, I got the news today and I GOT TO KEEP MY J-O-B!!!!!! I am very excited!! God definitely takes care of His children. I was SO excited that God answered my prayer-even though this was a little "problem" for Him. Although I am very excited about keeping my job, my heart broke when the 4 people that were dismissed came over and told me. My heart went out to them and it was SO hard to see them go through this. So please keep them in your prayer time.

You know, it's a wonderful feeling knowing exactly where you're supposed to be. On the day of the interview, I just prayed a short and simple prayer, and asked God to keep the doors open if I was supposed to be here or close them if I wasn't. So, I'm taking this as if I'm exactly where I need to be. It makes me happy. Sad to say, but I don't know that I've ever really KNOWN exactly where I was supposed to be, but it is a good feeling and I am so thankful that God has answered my prayers.

I just want to personally say THANK YOU to everyone that has kept me in their prayers and thoughts during this time. Your thoughts, concerns, emails, texts, and I can't leave out all of your hugs...has all meant soooooo much to me!!!

I love you all!

UPDATE - March 17, 2009
To top it all off....I got a raise today!!!!! God is SO good!!!!! He has been extra good to me this week!!! :)

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