Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving-Louisiana 2008

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving week!!!! As in an earlier post, I ended up leaving a day earlier so that I could be at the funeral for my uncle (actually my cousin). We had a great time being with family and I think I met a gazillion more cousins (3rds and 4ths) that I didn't know existed. lol But it was great fun getting to meet them all! The church that the family dinner was at for the funeral put on a HUGE spread. I've never seen so much food at one place. Seriously. They had at least 4 LONG tables packed FULL of food and they had about 25 different desserts. It was crazy! But it was sooo can't beat that good ole southern cookin'! Thanksgiving day was wonderful with the food and being with family. We usually have 60+ people there but we only had about 40 this year. Not everyone was able to make it in. All the cousins that were there pulled out an intense game of SPOONS!!! It was SO much fun!!! On Friday morning, I was able to go to Shreveport and copy one of my Mammaw's cookbooks. That meant so much to me. It was wierd with Mammaw not being with us this Thanksgiving. At breakfast on Thanksgiving morning, I had pictured her sitting in her recliner chair sipping on her cup of hot tea, asking us if we needed anything or if we wanted some orange juice. It was SO vivid in my mind I thought she was there. It made me sad when I realized she wasn't there. I was also able to meet up with a few cousins for lunch on Friday afternoon, from my Mom's side of the family. Friday evening, one of my best friends, Lori and her husband Jessy came to see me from New Orleans!!! I was SO excited that they came up to see me!!! We had a blast together!!!!

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