Tuesday, December 2, 2008

So Blessed...

Dear Friends: So, I'm sitting here trying to work and I keep thinking of how blessed I am to have you as a friend. I was just showing my coworker some pictures from when Lori and Jessy came to see me at Thanksgiving...as I always show them pictures from every time I go somewhere. So my coworkers know who you ALL are! :) And she made the statement, "Krista, you have a lot of GOOD friends." I responded with, "I am very BLESSED." I just wanted to tell yall how thankful I am for your friendship. Life may get busy and I know I don't express myself as often as I should. Although miles may separate some of us, I know that yall will be forever in my life. We have shared so many good times, so many memories, laughs, heart to heart talks, cries, we've been there for each other, and I am so thankful. When I think about all the good times we share, I just have to smile and thank God for every moment he has blessed me with to be with yall. I thank God that he has blessed me more than abundantly to have a friend like you! I love you all!!!!!
Forever, Kris

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Jen said...

I'm extremely thankful for your friendship. You're such a joy to have in my life. Thank you for not letting distance and time zones stand in the way of true friendship. The world is a better place because of you. I love ya girl!!