Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A long awaited Update! :)

Hey everyone!

Well, once again I haven't been very good at keeping up the blog. I seriously need to become better at this. Soo soo much has happened since I last posted in April! I'll do my best to catch you up!

  • In May, my Honey came up to see me! We had a fabulous time! We had a date to the Chris Botti concert at the Midland Theatre! It was FABULOUS!!! 
  • Over Memorial Day weekend, I drove to Indiana and SURPRISED my niece with a trip to New York City!!!!!!!! She was so SHOCKED!! I'll do my best to post a "few" pictures of our time together! My sister, cousin, and her daughter also met us there and we had a blast!
  • Over that time period, I drove several thousand miles, and was in almost 15 states in 2 weeks! Talk about being tired!!!
  • At the first part of June, I traveled to Tennessee to see one of my best friends, Jen. She is like a sister to me. And of course, I got lots of Auntie K time in with Bradyn too! I had a blast just having some girl time. There is nothing like it!
  • From Tennessee, I traveled down to Mississippi to see my Honey!  Of course it was wonderful. Loved getting to spend a lot of time with him, meeting more of his family and friends. Loved getting to spend time with his best friend and his wife. They are like brothers. I've quickly learned how amazing Bradley and Paige are! I'm so glad to have met them and become such good friends with them. 
  • My Honey is moving to Kansas City!!! Yay!!!!! I am so excited that he will be close to me!! So in the meantime, we have been fixing up my grandma/grandpas home since that is where he will be living. :) They've been gone for several years and my parents now own their house. It's such a cute little house that sits on 2.5-3 acres right in the city! It has so much potential and it'll be really cute once we get it fixed up! :)
  • July 1st...one of my besties moved home from living in Honduras for 2 years! Yay!!! If you've been following my blog for any length of time, you will most likely remember all the stories and pictures of my time in Honduras a little over a year ago. Anyone remember the hermit crab story on our private island?! HAHA!! :) Sweet memories! But I am so glad she is back HOME now!
  • July 10th, my Honey moved to Kansas City! I was (and still am) such a happy girl! I went to bed with a smile on my face knowing that I would get to see him every single day! This week we had been talking for one year!
  • Towards the end of July, we went to the Shaw Family Reunion. It was such a blast!! I'm so thankful I got to spend some time with all of my family!
  • One of my best friends, Dorenda came to visit me last week, along with her adorable daughter!! We hadn't seen each other for almost 2 years and it was wonderful to get some girl time in with her!!
  • Now that brings us to this past weekend! But it deserves a different post! :) Teehee.....stay tuned!!!

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