Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Visit with my Bestie

I love spending time with friends, especially when...

...they feel like family!

That's exactly what this past weekend was all about!

My sweet bestie had traveled to Southern Missouri to be apart of a family wedding (by the way, Congratulations Seth and Rachel!), and I was blessed to go see her! Yes, the time was way too short. But, I'm so glad we got to spend some time together. When you live 12 hours away, you don't get to hang out as much as you want. Boo for distance! But...I can say we don't let let miles separate us. I'm thankful for that.

Another bonus to the weekend....was a sweet, handsome, little man, who calls me "Auntie K"!! I adore him!! And I'm thinking that "someone" was excited to see me too! hehehe I'm not gonna lie....when Jen sent me this video of Bradyn.....this Auntie's heart melted!!

He's such a sweet little man full of personality and love!!! His smile melts my heart! :)

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