Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dwight's Visit to Kansas City!

This past weekend was a lot of fun! My friend Dwight came all the way from Mississippi to visit Kansas City....Okay, well maybe...just maybe there was another reason. ;)

The first night we headed to Bass Pro, showed him around all the historical spots in Independence and around the Independence Square, Truman's home and around the town. I love old and vintage-y areas like this! It was dark so we didn't end up getting any pictures. Dinner guessed it! Bandana's BBQ! You can never go wrong with Kansas City BBQ!

The next day we ended up having lunch at Chipotle. Dwight had never been so we had to get a picture of his gigantic burrito! haha

Then we headed to tour the Chiefs Stadium! Oh my word...SUCH a blast! Seriously, I live here and have never been. But now, I'll recommend it to anyone. Of course, if you know me and my recent love for football. Yep, you guessed it...this only made me love it more! :)

While we were waiting for the tour to start, we were looking around the team store. So is he a #1 fan now?! Maybe I'll convert him yet!! :)
Our first view of the field!
The Founder's Club...the first of many lounges to tour...

LOVED this wall!!
I can just hear them saying this now........"TOUCHDOWN!!! KAN-SASSS CIITTTYY!!" :)
This is another lounge that we got to go in. This lounge costs $350,000.00 per Season!! Yikes! They said it was more for Corporate offices.......I'd say! :)

Okay, yes it has been a LONG time since we won the Super Bowl....but that's okay. I'll still be a fan, forever! :) We're proud of it! haha
Now, we are in the Chief's locker room! How cool is that?! Dwight found a player that was from Ole Miss!
Love this...
#67's jersey and helmet hanging in his locker!
Up close and personal with the helmet....looovvee!
haha Too funny! Those helmets are heavy!
Me holding the know us girls can't mess up our hair! :)
Our tour guide was kind enough to take a picture of us!
Love this sign! This was as we were coming from the locker room to walk onto the field!
Right before you walk out onto the field...."CHIEFS WILL!"
Our view as we walked out onto the field!! It was cold and rainy but LOVED it!! I'm not gonna lie, I smiled as I was standing out there taking it all in. :)

We were right at the 50 yard line. :)
LOVE this picture!!
"Touchdown Kansas City!"
Touring the Broadcast of pictures.
So cool...

First view of the Hall of Fame
So we went up to the 9th level of the stadium, which is 12 levels from the field! I LOVE this picture!! Seeing this view made my love for football grow even more!! I give credit to my sweet friend Jen for getting me into football. I thought of her this very moment and I knew she would LOVE to have been there! Ok so yeah we both are still learning all about football...she knows more than I...but you can still love it just the same right?! LOL

Ha! I didn't know Dwight took this picture!

About to tour the Hall of Honor!
Dwight with the Super Bowl Trophy!
Me with the Super Bowl Trophy!
Continuing in the Hall of Honor...

Super Bowl Trophy up close!

Back in the team store....I think he's becoming a fan! :)
Dwight with Lamar Hunt

After we went to the Stadium, we headed Downtown Kansas City! You gotta love Liberty Memorial!! It was under a lot of construction but I love going up there!
My most FAVORITE view of Kansas City!!! It was cold and windy, but he loved it!
Love watching this flag blow in the wind in front of Union Station! :)
I love this picture!! :)

Crown Center fountains...

haha! Sporting his Cubs hat just for my Sister!

Walking The Link over the Union Station! :) I love this view of the city too!!

He finally got to see Union Station! He loved it! They have a new coffee shop in there now....LOVE!!! The best coffee we've ever had!
We went to the Plaza the next day and had dinner with my pictures there though, but had a great time walking around!

Love Dwight's new hat!
This was taken in between church services on Sunday, at Angela and Danny's KC wedding reception!

So, there you have it! Our weekend in some sort of a 'nut shell'. lol Had a wonderful time!

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