Friday, February 10, 2012



We say we forgive...but we never forget.

Is that really forgiveness???

During my Bible reading time this week, I was reading about forgiveness. Thinking about different things and situations in my life. I believe it was in Matthew where it was talking about forgiving someone 70 x 70. Do you realize how many times that is in one day?


Profound huh? lol It doesn't matter how many times someone hurts you, whether it be over the course of a day or throughout a period of time. It doesn't matter what people say or the things that they do....we must forgive.

In the end, it will make us a much better person, especially knowing that we have forgiven those that hurt us or situations that have occurred in this life. It's life....things will happen, but we must forgive. We can't hold bitterness inside our hearts. If we do, it will take you places that you can't even imagine....that you don't want to go. I've seen it happen so many times.

Just a little thought that has been on my heart this week. :) I don't know if this was just me thinking or if it was meant to help someone. But nonetheless, here it is. :) I pray that God will always help us to forgive, no matter what.

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