Thursday, October 20, 2011

Missing my family...

So today was the big day that my sister and her family moved overseas. I miss them so much already!
He looks a little sad in this picture...he wasn't feeling good and he knew that they were leaving. You know you gotta get those last minute pictures in the airport, saying your "goodbyes" (or as we like to say 'see you laters')...It's definitely not easy.

Kar and his Grandmommy
This was at the airport...I was missing Karstan so bad and he hadn't even left yet! And yes, I was fighting the tears big time...
My sister and I....nevermind the teary eyes. :)
Kar with his Grandmommy and Granddaddy!
I don't do feet. But I like baby's feet. I love this picture of Kar's foot! :)

With my brother in law, Jonathan

Talking to baby Karstan through the window after they went through security!

Oh how I miss them! I know they are moving overseas for a great reason! To be missionaries! But, I still miss them!

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