Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Corporate World

So as many of you know already, I got some news that one never wants to hear...


There were so many questions, and so many "why's". They closed 14 offices...all in one day. It affected over 700 employees. But as I've always said...

"It is, what it is. Everything happens for a reason."

I had already been talking about the fact that I needed to change and get something better, yet I had great benefits that I didn't want to leave. I liked what I did. Yes, it has its days, but I like doing what I'm doing.

The good news is that our office isn't closing until August 3rd. So I've got plenty of time to pray and find something. I'm trusting and praying that God is using this to open doors and give me something even better!

So, if you hear of any openings, please let me know! I'm open to almost anything! :)

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