Monday, August 8, 2011

Starlight Theatre!

The beautiful Starlight Theatre!! *This picture downloaded from Google images*

Last weekend I had such a fun evening with friends! It's been awhile since we've done anything together or really gotten out and done much of anything. So we decided to go to Starlight Theatre here in Kansas City! We of course picked the hottest night to go! ;) It was a humid 100 degrees out, but we endured and had a blast anyways! I didn't get a lot of pictures and we weren't allowed to take any during the play. We saw Mamma Mia, which I totally loved!!!....minus the inappropriate parts of course. :) We laughed, we talked, and just had a wonderful time! It was my first time at Starlight.....I know....shame-shame on here most of my life and just now going to Starlight. :) But no worries....I'm hooked now. :)

Starlight has some of the most beautiful fountains!! Kansas City is known for their fountains...and Starlight represents well! I love the City of Fountains! :)

As we were leaving, the fountains were all lit up! It was so beautiful!!

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