Friday, August 19, 2011

Got the Football Fever...

Wow, what a summer it has been! It's been really busy, yet not busy enough. That doesn't really make sense....but ya know what I mean? :)

Speaking of summer....what was up with all the excessive heat all summer? It's never gotten THAT hot THAT soon here! Here in good ole Missouri we get some crazy heat (even as hot as it got) but it's never lasted for a good portion of the summer like it did this year. I like the hot sunny weather, but not where you can't breathe. lol Needless to say, I'm glad its cooling down a bit. The weather has been super NICE here the past couple weeks!!

It's getting closer to FALL!

I LOVE Fall!! It's one of my favorites!

The smell in the area. Goodies baking in the oven. Change of seasons.

I love everything about Fall!

Speaking of Fall...I'm really super excited that Football is now here and its slowly getting into full swing! Yippie! Yep, I'm a Chief's and Mizzou fan (and Big Orange fan! {that's for you Jen!}) and I can't wait to sport my Red and Gold/Black! The Chiefs had their first pre-season game last week and I'm sad to report that they lost! :( More like....they got skunked. 25-0! How in the world? But that's okay....I'm still a fan! :) Always will be. :) I've definitely got the fever....I'm ready for some football!!

Nothing else real exciting is going on...I'll blog again soon. :)

Until next time...

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