Monday, June 13, 2011

Trendy Bliss: 350 Fan Giveaway!

Hello! Just wanted to give a quick SHOUT OUT to all my lovely fans out there!!

We have been a part of a couple different giveaways lately....and now it is time to give our OWN Giveaway!!!

Our next goal is to reach or surpass 350 fans! Will you help us get there?!

The Giveaway Requirements are simple. :) All you have to do is...
1. Share Trendy Bliss with your friends!
2. Have your friends "like" our fan page and tell us who sent them!!
3. Whoever refers the MOST amount of people will WIN!

The WINNER will receive one of our flowers!

Who is going to be the WINNER??!!? :)


Shannon Marie Haggard said...

Is it over? Have I missed it? :)
Im re-blogging this also

Krista said...

No its not over. It's going until we reach 350 fans! Thanks for reblogging!