Monday, June 27, 2011

Friends visit from Cali!

So as I mentioned in the previous post, a couple of weeks ago a couple of close friends came in town from California! It had been almost a year and a half since we had seen each other and I am SO very glad that they came to Kansas City!! We had a blast!! Although I'm pretty sure that every time it rains from now on they will be thankful they don't get bad thunderstorms in Cali like we do here! LOL

We went to Crown Center and had to have a photo op by the famous fountain!

Walking across The Link to Union Station...
Checking out Union Station...

Then we went on to Watts Mills! This was so cool! We climbed a little bit and they had a huge rock out in the middle of the 'falls' so we decided to go explore and see what it was all about. :) It was so pretty and peaceful even if it was in the middle of the city!

Kris and Chelle
Chelle scared me on this one! This dropped FAR....thank God she didn't slip and fall!

We drove on over to the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum...and saw this in front of the Contemporary Art building. ha! love it! We've all had days like that right? :)
The back side of the Art Museum

Is this where all the mens are? haha

At The Liberty Memorial....WWI Monument
About to walk the "Walk of Honor"

My MOST favorite view of Kansas City!

I LOVE lamp posts!

Photo Op at church!

Love this picture!

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