Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend: Louisiana

This past weekend was so much fun! So much driving...but had a blast! It felt like we were in the car ALL weekend long....oh wait...we WERE! haha!! 12 hours there, 12 hours back (without our little accidental detour hehe), 45 minutes each way while we were there to get into town. But...I wouldn't have traded it for anything! So much fun and saw lots of family!! Not to mention the fact that we got to each at Aunt Nellie and Aunt Wanda's restaurant!! Got to see Aunt Nellie and Aunt Cathy but I forgot to get a pic with them. LOVED every moment of this weekend! There is nothing like spending time with the ones you love! Cherish those moments!

Shopping at the Boardwalk!

Time for a photo op! Marlene, Uncle Wayne, and Mom!
Cousins Paulette and Charlene with Uncle Wayne!
Me and Uncle Wayne

Sunset on the Boardwalk

Siblings! ha!! Mom and Uncle Wayne...they are always acting silly when they're around each other!
haha love him!

Cool Bridge!
Uncle Wayne and his lady friend Marlene
Cousins!!! Paulette, Charlene, and I
Marlene and Uncle
Cousins!! Love them!
LOVE this picture!!
Cousin, MaLinda and Uncle W
MaLinda and Paulette
Charlene and MaLinda
MaLinda and I
Uncle and Paulette
Me and Uncle!
Granddaddy, Dad, Paulette, and Uncle Don playing 'moon'.
Me and Aunt Virginia!
Granddaddy and Paulette
So sweet! He had just given her a kiss on the forehead.
Me and Aunt Joyce
Siblings! Dad and Aunt Joyce!
Me and sweet Granddaddy!!! LOVE him!!

Coming home, we got to stop for a few minutes to see my awesome bestie, Mel!! Wish the plans hadn't of changed so we could have hung out was awesome to get to see you even if it was only for a few minutes. :) Love ya girl!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

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