Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Visit from a Bestie...

One of my very best friends from college came for a visit this last weekend! We haven't gotten to spend any time together for the last couple of years. Lets just say that it was LONG overdue! I am so thankful for her friendship and so thankful for this time that we got to spend together! We always pick right up where we left off and we had a BLAST as usual! Lots of laughing, lots of memories made, lots of coffee, lots of shopping, and no sleep. LOL Can't get much better than that! :)

We first started out downtown Kansas City at the MOST amazing spot EVER! :) Happens to be my favorite...but if you've never experienced it, then it is definitely a must!

At Liberty Memorial...

...the most amazing view! I LOVE Kansas City!

Then we found our way to Crown Center! This huge Christmas tree was hanging from the ceiling!
Love this picture of Ren! We had gone in the Christmas store...and look what she found! hehe

Exploring Crown Center...
Then on to Union Station. LOVE this place! And especially at Christas time! It is so beautiful there!!

Pretty much in a 'Winter Wonderland'!

Upon several attempts we finally got our picture taken with Santa!!! :)
Love the overall view!

Before we could do anything else we just had to stop and get some Hi-Hat Coffee! This is the most adorable little place ever! :)

Saturday we did a little shopping....okay well, it was a lot of shopping. LOL But a girl has to shop for some more shoes right?! This was right up both our our allies! :) Shoes make a girls world go round! :)

We were so tired by this point but still having a lot of fun! We had to stop and take a break...in the shoe dept none-the-less. ha!

After church on Sunday...

...we found ourselves at The Plaza! There is nothing like being down there at Christmas time!!

Dorenda touching the pig's nose for 'good luck'! A Kansas City tradition! :)

Enjoying the Plaza while freezing ourselves! lol

love, Love, LOVE!

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