Thursday, December 17, 2009

My 29th Birthday

December 16...

Wow! What a FABULOUS day!!! I had a WONDERFUL birthday this year!! I received so many phone calls, texts, emails, cards, and FB posts...I felt SO special on Wednesday! It all meant so much to me! But I do have to say that I had some special deliveries that completely MADE my day! Thank You, Babe, for making my day so special!!

It started out at 12:00 am on my birthday, my sweetie sang Happy Birthday to me over the phone! Once I got to work, we had a meeting right after lunch and when we got done, I went back to my desk to return a phone call to my Mom. While I was on the phone, I noticed my coworkers looking at something across the aisle-but didn't think anything of it. And David (our mail guy) kept motioning for me to hurry and get off the phone. So once I got off I was asking him what he wanted and they told me to come over there that they wanted to show me something. Again, clueless but curious. So I walk over there...and am SOO surprised!!!

Still...I can't believe my eyes! And everyone was looking at me then my face got red! lol The other two people are my coworkers, David (the mail guy) and Kathy (a good friend of mine). I love Kathy's expression! She was just as excited as I was! ha!

The first thing I saw were these GORGEOUS red roses!!!!!!!!

They smelled SOOO good!!!

Then I look down and saw the cupcake man cake with Shannon's face on it!!! There is
a long story behind this, but it was perfect! In the upper corner it said, "Happy 29th Birthday!" and in the lower corner it said, "I'm so glad to be your Cupcake Man!" hehehe. I'll tell you the story behind that in a minute.

Still just taking in everything..trying to get over my shock! ha!

Thank You Babe, for such a wonderful surprise. You made my day even better!!

So now, for those of you that don't know the Cupcake Man story. Here it goes...
When I went to Chicago this past summer for my graduation...Sarah, Paulette and I went to the Hershey's store. And THEY say that as soon as I walked in the "cupcake man" (as we call him) starts singing and doing his cupcake demonstration and that he wouldn't stop looking at me and how in-to me he was. I deny all that and beg to differ with them. LOL Sooooo...because of all that, it has become a H U G E joke between all of us. So if you see anything on FB regarding that, you'll know why. So, now that Shannon and I are dating, he says that he is my cupcake man! hehe And I am so glad he is! ;)

Sooo...thats the story behind getting the Cupcake Man cake for my birthday! LOL

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JulieK said...

AWWWWWWW!!!!!! I love it!!! I am so excited to her about your cupcake man! He is a cutie ya'll make a cute couple I can't wait to here more :)