Saturday, December 12, 2009

FAC Christmas Banquet

As my last night in Tennessee, we went to the FAC Christmas Banquet, and I am proud to say that Shannon and I went as an official couple! I had the best and most handsome date there! ;) December 7, 2009 will always be a special night to me. :)

This is Shannon's sweet parents, Keith and Betty.

Zach talking to his date who couldn't be there...

Cherith and her date

Shannon and I...our first official date

Me and one of my besties, Jen!! (Not sure why we didn't get a pic of Jen and Brady lol)

Me, Bradyn, and Jen...I love seeing Bradyn smile and wink!! He is so stinkin adorable!

This was after the banquet when we got back to Jen and Brady's house. Just had to get one more picture! :) This was a wonderful evening!!

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