Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fun times in Tennessee!

The night I got there, the snow decided it was going to tag along with me. lol We all thought we woke up to a Winter Wonderland the next morning! lol But it was so pretty!

Jen and I decided to go shopping in Knoxville a little bit on Saturday! This is Bradyn hanging out--he was SUCH a good little boy during our shopping adventure!! I so heart him!!

Jen drove us through a little part of Knoxville since I'd never actually been there.
And of course we had to see the famous World Fair Park!

Saturday night, we had some people over to Jen and Brady's for dinner. I cooked chili and then we played Uno and just had a blast hanging out! I failed to get pictures of all that...shame on me! But Bradyn loved playing with Auntie K's phone! lol

Sunday afternoon we went to lunch at a Japanese restaurant. Bradyn loved the sauce they had! lol

And we of course had to take a moment and get other pics too :) Bradyn and his Auntie K!

Me and my Bestie, sister for life!

Shannon and I

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