Friday, February 13, 2009

Our Adventure...

Well this afternoon we were planning on leaving for Minnesota to go to the Singles Retreat and see our friends!!! But the weather had other plans. We left at 2:00 and drove for 2 hours and didn't even get to the Land of Opportunity....Iowa.--LOL. The roads were SO BAD and icy that we had to turn around and go home. It took us 2 hours to go 80 miles. So, we ended up turning around and going back. :( We have been SO disappointed that we couldn't go. We were SO looking forward to seeing Tim and Tricia Sanders, Raemi, Janelle, Debbie Saiz..and hearing her speak. She is absolutely wonderful. We were so looking forward to having such a relaxing weekend with our friends, and also meeting new friends at the retreat. But, we couldn't risk having a wreck. Believe me, we were having major flashbacks of last year. lol Anyways, By the time we got back to Kansas City, it had taken us over 4 hours. So, we decided that we didn't just want to go home, so we are now headed to Branson! LOL Thank God for a wireless internet card, because it has kept my boredom under control as we have been in this wonderful rented SUV for HOURS now. lol It's 9:00pm and we have been driving since 2:00 and we still have about 45 minutes to go! LOL Anyways, below you will see a couple of pictures of our adventures from today. I'll post more from the weekend later. Just remember, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!! LOL (Or maybe its partly being anti-valentine too hahaha).

This is where we stopped to turn around.

The wind was blowing the snow around so bad!

Most of the time we were going 30-40 mph!

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