Thursday, November 6, 2008

My view on the Election '08

Well first of all, this was my first year to vote (ever). And yes, I did vote for McCain/Palin. On the day of Election I thought all the hype was finally going to be over. I am so tired of hearing and seeing and feeling all the friction between the two candidates. But I am wrong. It only seems like it is getting worse. There have been so many racial comments flying around from people’s mouths. And although I did NOT vote for Obama, it doesn’t mean that we are racial. Speaking of, Why has this turned into a racial thing? It’s NOT about the color of his skin!!!! I have heard so many people that automatically think you are racial because you did not vote for Obama. WHY?!?! This is not the issue people!!! The issue is this…
America voted in a President with NO morals.
America voted in a President who does NOT like AMERICA.
America voted in a President who does NOT stand on what this country was founded on.
America voted in a President who will NOT give Oath to Office on the BIBLE.
America voted in a President who will NOT even Salute our American FLAG!
What is this country coming to? It’s not about the color of one’s skin. It’s about what they believe in!!! I am so sick of hearing people just assuming you are prejudice. Come on people!! Think about it!! Think about where this Country is headed! We have got to PRAY for this Country like never before!! We need to pray that the morals this country was founded on will be allowed back.

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