Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mantle Conference '08

TLC (The Life Church) just had our annual Mantle Conference with Bro. Stoneking! It was awesome!!! God is just doing so many great things!! I'm sure there was more, but I know of one healing that took place. There was a guy there that had never been able to see out of his left eye. God healed him!! He started naming colors and stuff that he was seeing for the first time!!! Although it wasn't completely clear, we know that the healing process is still taking place! But God is so awesome!!!
I didn't take very many pictures at Mantle this year. I didn't get any of the actual services, and we hung out alot with friends after church every night. I think I was too tired to pull the camera out. lol But here are the few that I did take.

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