Saturday, November 22, 2008


So last night we went to a party at the Harveys, for a little bit. Then Jonathon and I decided to go bowling. We got stuck by a whole bunch of "young" kids that were really obnoxious. So we moved down the bowling lane and were able to at least have room to move. So we are just bowling, having fun, and not paying attention to much of anything. For some reason last night we were having trouble finding the right size for the bowling balls. And we couldn't really find one that we liked. I think I went through every size that they had. lol Finally towards the end of our 4th game, I decided to get a lighter one. So, I go up to roll the ball down the lane and I swing my hand back to throw it and the ball FLEW out of my hand, backwards and bounced on the floor! LOL It was SO FUNNY!!! These random people behind us busted out laughing! LOL Oh gotta love the fun times! I think that was the best and most memorable moment of the night! :)

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