Monday, September 13, 2010

Cirque De Hutts!!

This was such a fun day! But after getting into Indiana at 4:30am and getting up at 9:00, I was a little tired, but we made it through the day! :) I only wish I would of had more time to get my outfit together to "dress up" for the occasion, it was so much fun seeing everyone dress up for it! But, maybe next time! :)

This is the overall view of the "Carnival"!
Welcome to The Carnival!
The awesome vintage Hot Dog art that my sister painted!!

My first tiered cake that I made with homemade marshmellow fondant icing!!

The side cake that I made to go with the tiered one! With homemade marshmellow fondant icing! I'm not sure why this keeps uploading side ways, but at least you can tell what it looks like. lol

Cake Pops that my sister made!!

Popcorn cupcakes that my sister made!

Peanuts, Cake Pops, and Cotton Candy

View of part of the table

Jeff sporting his "old man" outfit! lol

Water Bottles with "Jeff is 40" labels on them!

Vintage paper straws


I heart these!! So old school and vintagy! :)

Part of the "We Love Jeff" Banner!


Jenn sporting her circus outfit! So cute!

Robyn and Steve....Jeff's best friend growing up

The elephant on top of the cake! :)


Me and my sis Robyn!

Robyn's friend December! LOL She is hilarious!!!! My sis didn't recognize her when she first walked in. LOL

The vintage popcorn art that my sis created!!

table decor

Jeff's family! Jeff, Robyn, Kate, Todd, Scott, Kathie, Jennifer, Taylor, Ashlyn, Robert, Ross, Max, and Grant.


Directional sign

My sister and Jeff's Dad getting the kabobs ready.

LOVE this!!!

Taylor. haha I love her hair! She ratted and sprayed it to make it look circus-y. haha

Ashlyn and her friend Peyton!

Sis Tammie Harpole walked up and said, "I think I drank too much". LOL Gotta love those cokes! :)

Love this pic of Ashlyn!!

Me serving cake!

The Barbershop Quartet that sang to Jeff! lol

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