Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chinese...It's whats for Dinner...


So, last week as we were at church trying to decide what we were having for lunch. My dear and wonderful friends decided that they wanted Chinese. If you know me well, you will know, I do NOT like Chinese food. Well, Crystal didn't want to go there because she knew I didn't like it and I was planning on going out with them, but no one could make a decision on where else we would go...Why is it so hard for Pentecostals to make up there mind about food? We LOVE to eat and socialize! LOL So...being the dear and wonderful friend that I am...I told them to just go to Chinese and I would tag along. Seriously?? I can't believe I went! to

we went....only because I wanted to be with them did I ever step foot in a Chinese restaurant. LOL I walked in the door and almost lost 100% of what appetite that I had. It STUNK so bad!!

But, one thing is for sure...Sissy sure did enjoy her meal (notice the noodle on her head)!!

Although I'm not sure if she is thinking about what she ate or if she is about to fall asleep? LOL

Well, through all of this, I did enjoy the company of my dearest friends...even if Chad tried his best to get me to eat Sushi! ha!!

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