Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Downtown Kansas City & Christopher Elbow's

Last weekend I went out with some friends to Downtown Kansas City. I LOVE going downtown! We first went to Jack Stack and got some amazing food in the Freight House District!

Then we drove around downtown a little bit and decided to go to Christopher Elbow Artisian Chocolates in the Crossroads District. It's a famous Chocolate place here. I only wish I liked chocolate! However they had some that wasn't as chocolatety that I might go back and try just to say I've had it! :) But here are a few pictures from Christopher Elbows. The line was out the door when we went so I got some pictures offline...
This is the outside of Christopher Elbows.

Here are a couple of pictures of inside Christopher Elbows...

Christopher Elbow himself (of course I got this offline, but we did see him there that night!)

Up close and personal with the artisian chocolate!

While Crystal, Caedyn, and I were waiting outside we looked and saw that Justin, Ragen, and Byron having a really hard time deciding what they want to get! lol Oh...don't forget to get an extra of your favorite one! LOL

Here are a few area pictures around Chris Elbow's...

We had a lot of fun...but then again, when are we together and we don't have fun?! We always have a blast! Thank God for amazing friends!! :)

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