Friday, August 1, 2008

C2 Life Group

Some great things are happening in our C2 (College and Career) group!!! God is doing a work and it is so amazing every week, when we are at Life Group. We are always looking forward to what will take place! Here is a copy of what Bro. Sanders wrote for our C2 Blog. God is awesome!! The presence of God was so thick, you could literally feel him wrap His arms around you!

What a wonderful presence of the Lord visited our group on Wednesday, July 30. The intensity of His presence was tangible. We were missing several people yet still had 26 in attendance. While we gathered in our basement, I could sense that this woud be a special evening. Bro. Larmie, who normally leads us in worship, was unable to attend so I was prepared to have someone else lead when I realized that what we were about to talk about would need no worship song.
We began to talk about hearing the voice of God and then acting upon what we heard. We dealt with the several times that Jesus said, "He that hath an ear, let him hear." It is all too often that while we have ears, we tend not to use them.
In our conversation we came to a verse in Zephaniah 3 that declared that the Almighty would save, rejoice over us and then will joy over thee with singing. At the close of our discussion, the anointing of the Holy Ghost was very near, and we began to pray. As we prayed I felt that God was beginning to speak, and yet some were not hearing. As we calmed our prayers I challenged the group with what I thought God was wanting to take place - He was wanting to sing. He was wanting to take care of the song that night. We began to pray for one another and while that was blessed and anointed, it didn't seem to break into a dimension where God desired us to walk.
Then all of us in unison raised our hands and lifted our voices to heaven and there was a breaking of the Spirit that began to sweep over us. Tears had already been flowing, but added to those tears was a strength of God that could physically be felt. All of a sudden Andrea Blaszyk began to speak in tongues in the most authoritative, powerful voice I had ever heard her pray in (and I have heard her a lot through the years!). It was one of those moments that you thought would be followed by an interpretaion, but after about four minutes of Andrea speaking like this, the Holy Ghost prompted me to tell the group, that this is not for interpretation, it was God singing!! He was singing and rejoicing over us just as Zephaniah promised!! Andrea went for another five minutes before she calmed down. When we realized that the God of glory was rejoicing and singing over us, we all broke forth in tears and wonder and amazement came across the room because we truly had an encounter with the Almighty. Thank God He likes to sing!
- T. Sanders

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