Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sub-Zero Singles Retreat '08

This past weekend...Sarah, Venita, and I drove to Minnesota for the singles retreat. It was so amazing. It was at a campground and they had over a foot of snow!!! The retreat was relaxing and very laid back and we met a ton of new people and made lots of new friends! :) On the way there, we had a beautiful drive!!! The sunset was just gorgeous!! We stopped at a gas station that was a "Pump and Munch"..so needless to say we had a good time with that one. haha Also, we got to stop at the "Ice Cream Capital of the World". It was awesome!!! And the ice cream was yummy! The services at the retreat were great and God really moved. We had a bonfire and while we were outside, it was snowing! It was so cool! We also had snowball fights which was really funny. And they had a volleyball tournament too. We didn't want to leave the retreat because we had so much fun! On the way home, we stopped in Minneapolis to shop for a couple of hours at the outlet mall. After we left....the weather got really bad...and well....you can read that on the next blog...Enjoy the pics....:)

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