Friday, February 29, 2008

Good Report!!

My heart is just overwhelmed and am so thankful for what God has done!!! It seems like since Christmas everything has gone wrong, lost people I loved dearly, everything that could go down, went name it, it happened. As some of you know, since my Dad got his pacemaker put in around Christmas time, his heart has still be fluttering and it wasn't beating correctly or on beat. So, the Dr's said that he was going to have to get a shock treatment done on his heart. Well, they scheduled it for today. Last Friday night my Dad had gone to a Men's service at church and there were a few men that prayed for my Dad. They stepped out on faith and told my Dad that they were going to believe that he wouldn't have to get this done because God was going to heal him! Well, my Dad went to the Dr this morning before the treatment was scheduled to get some tests run. And he did NOT have to get the shock treatment done!!!! The Dr said that Dad is NORMAL!!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!! We are VERY excited and THANKFUL to what God has done!!! He is simply amazing!!!

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