Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend in Tennessee!

This weekend, I was able to go spend the weekend with one of my best friends, Jennifer! We had alot of fun and had some very relaxing time together! :) Friday night after I flew into Nashville we went to the Opryland Hotel. WOW!!! It is absolutely amazing! If you are ever in have to go see this is a must!!! lol It was like a mall and a forest all in one!! haha Then we saw the Opry House and walked around there for a little while. We had quite the adventure back to her house! ha It was a pretty long drive and we kept "seeing" we thought! haha Glad we made it there safe! Saturday we slept in a little bit and ate at Chic-fil-A.....YUM!!! We don't have those here in Kansas City. Then we took a drive up into the Smokey Mountains! WOW! It was sooo beautiful!!!! This weekend was the first of their peak season! The colors were so vibrant and amazing!!! I think we even crossed the North Carolina border in the mountains!! LOL We were so relaxed on the drive back down the mountains that we were getting very sleepy! ha Sunday, we went to church then drove back to Nashville to catch the flight. Before we went to the airport we went to Centennial Park...which was also beautiful!! I had a great time and am so thankful for Jennifer! She is one of the best!!! Love you sis!!


Anonymous said...

I MISS YOU!!!!!!! =(

Steven Saiz said...

What a great trip! Deb and I stayed at the Opryland Hotel last summer. It IS a great place. Glad you had a great time!

Krista said...

Jen....I MISS YOU too!!!

Bro Steve...That is awesome you and Sis Debbie got to stay at the Opryland Hotel! It is so amazing!!!