Sunday, October 28, 2007

Passing the Mantle Conference '07 Passing the Mantle Conference.....was AMAZING.... Not even gonna lie!!! It started Thursday night and Pastor preached...and it was more geared to the "younger generation". But it was amazing and he of course did a really good job. Friday night....worship was out of this crazy world. IT ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After service, we hosted "The Feast"...for singles Ages 18-36. It went really good and we had almost 40 people come! Saturday night worship was also amazing...sang a new song..."Redeemed"..It was awesome! And right after worship and before Gateway ensemble sang..Pastor had everyone the age of 30 and younger to come up to the altar area and all the ministers went to the platform and prayed for everyone...that the mantle would be passed to us....and that we would receive it and commit ourselves to working for God. It was an amazing moment. There was about 200 or more that went up there. Today, was amazing. There were tons of people that got healed. For worship we sang, "Praises", "All For Love" which was amazing, and another one...and Gateway chorale sang a couple of songs. The service was awesome. In the middle of the preaching Bro Stoneking said that he felt he needed to pray for the sick. And that was the end of the just broke out into a big altar call. There was an AMAZING touch of the power of God that just fell in that place!!!! This was an amazing moment and I will NEVER forget this weekend!

***These pictures are all that I got....there will be more to come as I gather some from other people!***

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