Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Moment at the Grocery Store

So I had a moment at the grocery store last night! lol It was about 11:00 last night and I was on my way home from cell group and I had to stop at Price Chopper to get some cool whip (I was making something for our luncheon at work today). So, it had just started raining. It wasn't just normal rain either it was POURING....coming down in sheets. So I had taken my glasses off because I hate it when rain gets on my glasses. Snapped my purse and decided to take a run for it. Mind you I had on brown flip flops. So as I was running to my car I went FLYING out of my shoes!! And I screamed, "AHH I LOST MY SHOOEEEE!!!" And I'm all trying to look around for it...Then there were a couple people in the lobby and they were like, "IT FLEW OVER THERE!!" and I couldn't find I screamed out, "WHERE?!" as I looked back they were like "OVER THERE!!!!! TO YOUR RIGHT!!!" lol So I'm walking around the front of the parking lot trying to find my flip flop that the gust of wind took clear over to the other side of the walking area. lol So walking around with one flip flop on and one off....getting DRENCHED!!! lol I finally found it by what seemed like forever!!! lol That was my moment. LOL

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