Friday, August 24, 2007

Lori's Getting Married!!!

So one of my best friends is gettin’ hitched!! I am SOOO happy for her!!! Jessy is such an awesome guy and they make a great couple! God is so awesome!! I am so honored to be apart of their day!! They are getting married January 19, 2008, in New Orleans!!! I can’t wait!!! I love you guys so much!! I haven’t known Jessy but for a few months…but Lori is one of the dearest friends anyone could ever have! God placed her in my life just when I needed someone the most. I was going through a hard time in life but God knew exactly who I needed in my life at that moment. I am so thankful for her friendship! I love ya girl!! I am so happy for you!!!
(I know this is long overdue. lol.....They got engaged on July 21st!!)

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