Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ashlyn's 12th Birthday Party

My niece, Ashlyn, just had her 12th birthday this past week..and she celebrated this weekend and had a slumber party! I wasn't able to be there but my sister sent me pictures. I called over there and you could tell the girls were just having the time of their lives! They were screaming and yelling they were so excited! Towards the end of last night, they decided to do hair and borrow each others clothes and shoes (even high heels lol) and have their own fashion show! They paraded into the livingroom so Robyn (my sister) could take pictures of them! haha My nephew, Todd, poor guy was outnumbered. lol He was supposed to go to a friends house but a big storm came through and knocked out the power of the house he was supposed to be staying at. So him and my brother in law had a pillow fight last night. haha So anyways, it looks like they all had a blast! lol Enjoy the pics! :) Oh, by the way, Ashlyn is the one in the jean jacket, for those of you that don't know. :) )
Happy Birthday Ash!! I love you!

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