Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Eve Celebration

I had SOOO much fun tonight!!! Kansas City. Saint Louis. Honduras. Africa. We were finally all together again!!!! My friends came home for a visit from Honduras and Africa. Friends that are Family. It's as simple as that. It felt just like old times and I don't even have enough words to describe how amazing it felt that we were finally all together again!!!

These are the cookies I made for our little "party". :)
Since we are hardly together at the same time, we had to take advantage of this photo op! :) I so LOVE all of these pictures!!

Along with me is Jen, Venita, and Ragen. :)
Reegan and I
Awe, Jonathan and I
Me with Jen and Venita
Jen and I
Love love this picture of all of us! We decided to take a short walk around the block even though it was raining a little bit. haha Cold, but so much fun! Reegan and Byron, Jen and Zack, Justin, Jonathan, D'Andre, and I.
hahaha Ken! Love this expression! lol
Jon and I again
My sister Ginny!! Awww! I've so enjoyed spending time with her this week while she's home from Africa! :) Love you Sis!

Here are some pictures of us playing games. Ok, I'm not a big game person, but they did MAKE me play Maffia. haha Between Catch Phrase and was Out.Of.Control. LOL

We decided to ring in the new year with some prayer and worship! There was such a sweet presence of God that swept into that room. Praying the old year out and the new year in. It was such a sweet moment that I will never forget. Priceless.

Here is a short video clip of us singing. *don't forget to pause the music at the bottom of this page first*

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