Monday, January 2, 2012

New Goals

Every year around this time, people always make New Years Resolutions.

I've never liked that term.

I'd rather make Goals.

Goals just seem to be more appropriate. Easier to reach. Something to strive towards. Resolutions-not so much. I have a lot of goals on my list for this upcoming year. Some life changing goals. Some spiritual goals. Some personal goals.

Most of all I just what to live life to its fullest. Dream big. Stay positive. Stay thankful. Listen more. And a big one for me this year is to welcome change.

I love the start of a new year. There is just something that makes it feel like you can start fresh. A brand new beginning. Writing another chapter in this thing called Life. :)

There is a frame in my room that I like to put quotes, etc. on. I change it from time to time. But the one I've chosen to start out the year with is this:

I love it. It's a great reminder!

I'm trusting God for many great things this year. Holding onto the Word that has been spoken into my life and trusting Him in ways I never thought.

I pray that each one of you has a very blessed year! May many great things come your way this year!

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