Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Saiz's

I just had to put this picture on here! If only you knew these wonderful people-- Bro Steve and Sis Debbie Saiz!! They mean the world to me!! They are the National Singles Directors for the UPCI. I first met them on the very first SAM (Single Adult Ministry) trip I went on, which was a Caribbean Cruise. And have been on several more SAM trips since then. Each time I see them and are around them-the more I love them. They have the most wonderful spirit. They inspire and encourage me. I love to hear Sis Saiz speak-she always gets down to the deepest part of your heart. God is using them in such a mighty way to minister to single adults and I just appreciate them so much!!
Bro & Sis Saiz...thank you so much for everything you do. I'm sure people don't tell you that as often as you need to hear it. I love and appreciate you guys so much. I love hearing your testimony about how God brought you two together! :) Maybe one day soon we'll take you up on the offer and be able to come out there and spend a few days in wonderful Cali! :) By the way, it was SO good to see you in Memphis!! :)

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