Tuesday, July 24, 2007

MO District Camp-meeting!

Last Friday afternoon I drove to St. Louis so that I could be at the last night of campmeeting. Apparently I woke up late for a reason that morning and didn't have time to pack everything in the car before I left for work. Plus I had to get my oil changed. I had been driving for almost an hour when traffic came to a complete standstill. I was kind of irritated for a few minutes until I realized what happened then I was very thankful that God had allowed me to be delayed that morning. As we crept upon the accident, I noticed that they had to call the LifeFlight Helicopter out and the car that had been wrecked was on its side with the entire roof of the car dangling off and all the glass was shattered. Who knows why I was delayed that morning but I believe God was keeping his angels of protection on me that day! Thank You Jesus!!! HE is sooo good to us!!! (I didn't get any pictures at Campmeeting....I know, I know....don't be too shocked. LOL)

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