Thursday, June 14, 2007

New Orleans!!!

This past weekend I went to New Orleans (June 8-12) for a Girls Trip. We had SOO much fun!!! We had Lori and Hannah from New Orleans, Melodie from Arkansas, Jennifer from Tennessee, and Sarah and Heather from Maryland, and of course Me from KC. Alot of people down there asked us how we knew each other since we were from all over the US. Most of us used to hang out together and then everyone scattered all over! So, we all got together for a girls weekend and we had a blast!!! Friday night we hung out and ate homemade gumbo and New Orleans Style bread pudding and potatoe salad. And we had spinach dip for the appetizer. Then Saturday we drove around and saw the damage from Hurricane Katrina then went downtown and French Quarters, etc. Sunday we went to church and then hung out and ate some more. lol Monday, Mel and I drove to Gulf Shores, AL...and got burnt! lol It was worth it tho! Then Tuesday we drove back home! I miss these girls soo much and can't wait to see them all again. I love you girls!


Jennifer said...

Awwww...Kris, I love these pictures! I was smiling (and LAUGHING!!)the entire time while viewing the slideshow. I really miss you and I'm so glad that we're friends. I honestly couldn't imagine life without you. You're a great friend. I'm extremely blessed with such good friends. Thanks for sharing these!! Love ya girl!

Krista said...

Awww Jen! Thanks! I had such a great time on this trip. I can't wait till we all get together again. I really miss you too!! I am so thankful for your friendship! You're awesome. I am so glad that God place you in my life. Love ya sis!!! See you soon!