Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how thankful I am. Sometimes when life gets busy we forget about the things that God has allowed us to be apart of, places he has allowed us to go, the people He places in our lives, and things he has kept us from. I took a little bit of time last night to reflect about the things that God has allowed me to do. The more I thought about the places I’ve been, things that have occurred in life, trials that came my way, the times He kept me safe; the more I felt blessed. Sometimes life gets so busy and we don’t take the time to reflect-but it’s so important. I had just washed my hair last night and as I was fixing and drying my hair, it just hit me at how thankful I am…and how more thankful I need to be. God is allowing me to live my dreams at this very moment. As much as I love to travel, I have been blessed to have gone to over 30 of the 50 States. Growing up I would dream about going to Europe and I have now been blessed to have gone 3 different times. In my travels across the blue seas I have been privileged to tour 17 different countries and a 3 of those have been to twice. I have and am living my dream of being able to see many countries and states. He has blessed me with an awesome church (The Life Church, in Kansas City) pastored by Stan Gleason! TLC and Pastor and Sis Gleason are by far the best in the world!! He has allowed me to be apart of the ministry of TLC and helped me experience many different areas of which I never thought I would have been apart of. I helped teach Sunday School for about 5-6 years, was apart of Spanish Ministries for almost 2 years, being and still involved in the TLC Choir and Ensemble, secretary of the United group (college and career), and pretty much anything that I’m asked to do-you’ll find me there. (I have a hard time saying no lol). God allowed me to be able to go to Gateway for 3 years-which was the most amazing 3 years ever. Being surrounded by young people who loved God and wanted to do what He wanted in their lives and developing friendships that last forever. Now that I’m home (now 5 years!) now being able to be so involved in church; and I’ve worked at the same job for 5 years! Among everything else, I’ve been able to go back to school to get my Associates Degree in Business Administration. I’ve been privileged to be able to go on different singles trips with the UPC and have made so many wonderful friends all across the United States! God has placed so many wonderful people in my life of which I am so thankful! I’m not bragging-just reflecting and thankful of what God has allowed me to do. Think about all the times that we could have or have been in harms way-and He kept us safe! We can’t live a day without Him! It’s something to think about. What has God done for you? Where has He taken you? What has He allowed you to be apart of? Who has He placed in your life? This all happens for a reason. The storms in life that he takes us through-all happen for a reason and helps us to become more thankful and gives us little lessons in our life to learn from. Take a few moments to reflect back on your life and see what God has done for you!

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