Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hanging out with Jonathon

We had the most awesome time last night!! We had SOO much fun!! We went driving for like 2 hours just around town to different parts of KC that we hardly go to-and we ended up in Brookside and ate dinner at Sharps 63rd Street Grill! It was so good! Then we went to Union Station and Crown Center. We ended up going across the street from Crown Center and they have these huge fountains that you can walk through. We had a spontaneous moment and we decided to have these people take our picture while we went through the fountains. It was hilarious! The one when we were actually in there didn't turn out very good but there are some other random ones that we took! lol We had so much fun-but we were drenched by the time we got done! haha We had tons of fun! All that happened on Friday night. Saturday we went to the City Market and hung out for a little bit. Sunday after church we went to Smithville Lake for something 'different' to do. We went to the "beach". If you call it that. The sand was all rocky. lol We kept making jokes on how "white" the sand was. haha And we drew stuff in the sand and took more pictures of course! lol It was fun! Thanks Jonathon for being the bestest friend ever! lol You're awesome! Love ya!

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