Saturday, April 21, 2012

Off to Ole Miss land!

This past weekend was amazing!!! I drove down to Mississippi to see my handsome boyfriend! :) *aww* I seriously had the best time and loved getting to spend time with *him*! It's hard when your 11 hours away!

I was so honored to meet some of Dwight's best friends, Paige and Bradley. They are fabulous people whom I had an instant connection with. I felt like they were family. They were so kind to let me stay in their home! (I *stole* this picture from her facebook page since I failed to get one of them myself.) I left feeling like I had gained a sister in Paige. Love them!

When I arrived, I was able to meet them and Dwight's Mom, Janet! She's so sweet! Excited to get to know her more! She had bought me flowers and had a goodie bag full of food for me for my drive back! Along with some goodies that Dwight bought for me! The flowers were gorgeous!!

We hung around and talked for awhile and then Dwight and I headed out for date night! We ate dinner at Biaggi's...a fabulous Italian restaurant! They had some awesome fountains in the courtyard that we had to have a photo op! :)

We went across the street to a Fresh Market and walked around--loved it! And saw some other fountains in the shopping area! LOVE this fountain!! It reminded me of Kansas City! 

Self portrait time! :) Next time we'll have to have someone take better pictures of us in front of it! :)

My gorgeous tulips!!

We went to this flea market type shop, in Fondren, which was really cool by the way! It had this sweet little cafe right in the middle of it! How cool is that?!

Next door was Brent's Drugstore. SUCH a cool place!!

Inside the drugstore was an old diner! Bless! I love little places like this!!!

And what better thing to do while we're there? Get a milkshake!! Yummo!!

We saw this really cool War Memorial!

Friday night before we left for church! I adore this picture! :)

Full length

 Saturday, off to do some shopping!

 Paige and I as we got to the mall! Love this girl!!!

D and I at the mall! I don't like this picture of me, but D looks good! :)

D surprised me with this gorgeous rose while we were out and about! So very sweet! :) It's the little things!

Mr. Chef himself cooking a fabulous dinner!! He is such a great cook!!! Love his bbq sauce! That's a big deal for a Kansas City girl! ;)

Photo op in the midst of cooking dinner! I love this picture! :)

Last but not least...we had our pictures taken-for the fun of it- while I was there!! We had a lot of fun taking these! I love this picture!! Can't wait to see the rest of them from Geran Photos!!

Now...will the next 2 1/2 weeks please come quickly so I can see him again?! :)

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