Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Proud to be an American!!!!!

My heart is so overwhelmed right now. I just got done watching an episode on the internet of Extreme Home Makeover. It was about this Marine that had served in Iraq, and one of his legs had gotten blown off by an explosion he was in. His wife divorced him, and he has 4 children to raise on his own. He got an artificial leg, and he still does everything he did before. He was an amazing dad and you could tell he loved his country. To see the love that he had not only for his family but for this country was amazing. It definitely makes you think. I am SO thankful and proud to be an American! If you think of all the countries that are less fortunate, who have nothing. They have no running water, no electricity, barely any food, and run around barefoot because they have no shoes to put on their feet. How spoiled are we. We get upset if the a/c isn't working, if we have "no" food in the house, or we run out of time to go do something we just "wanted" to do. We don't need all that we want. I am SO thankful for this country. Yes we have had our trying times, but we need to pray for the leadership of the United States. That God would protect them (not only them but the entire country), that God would give them wisdom on how to handle certain situations that may arise, and that God would place the leaders in office when it comes time. Every time I have gone overseas and have come back home. It never fails...every time I step my foot back onto American soil, its that feeling of, "I am HOME". I thank God for this country and everything that he has blessed us with! I thank God for our soldiers and for our freedom!!!!!!!!! I thank God for the United States of America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this song!!! In fact, when we were watching the fireworks on the 4th, they had this song playing, and it gives you a whole new look on things. Enjoy!

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