Monday, April 21, 2008

Semi-Finalist!!!!! x2!!!

I know that I've posted this picture before but I am just too excited to not share the news!!!

When I took this picture I had forwarded it to several friends and they all encouraged me to enter it into a contest. I hadn't even thought of it and they inspired me so I decided to look online and see if there were any online contests available! Well there were so I decided to go for it!!! :) With the help of my sister and her husband, Robyn and Jeff, we named the picture "Enlightening". I entered the picture about a month ago and I got an email today stating that it had been selected for the "Semi-Finalist"!!!!!!!! There is a great chance to win a prize. The big prizes are amazing and I am claiming it!!! :) Also, since it has been selected to go to semi finalist they are publishing this picture in their book, "Endless Journeys"!!!!!

**UPDATE** I had entered this same picture into a 2nd contest and I found out this weekend that I have been selected as one of the finalist on this competition as well and they are also publishing the picture in their book!!!!! And have a very good chance at winning a great prize!!!

GAH!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! I will let you all know the results when I hear something!!!! If you think about it, say a prayer!!!

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