Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Mammaw-UPDATED 02-09-08

Well, It seems like here lately there has been one thing after another happening. We found out this past weekend that my Mammaw (Dad's Mom) is in the hospital. She hasn't been doing very well. She has pneumonia really bad in one long and is having other complications as well. The Dr said that if she makes it 24-48 hours then we might have hope. But I think we're almost past the 48 hour mark and she is doing some better from what I heard today. If you think about it...please keep her in your prayers.

Update 01/24/08 PM- The Dr's are talking about letting Mammaw leave the hospital on Tuesday, but she will most likely have to go to physical therapy because she has lost all of her strength and can't walk or anything. The good news is that her pneumonia is getting better!!

Update 01/30/08 PM- Well, Mammaw won't be able to go home now. The pneumonia has gotten worse and is now in both lungs. We aren't sure as to what extent. And her lower lungs have somewhat collapsed. Yesterday, her throat was either shutting down or swelling up and she couldn't eat without choking very badly. They gave her some meds today to try to help that, and she was able to eat better today but if that continues then she might have to have a feeding tube. So, we'll just see what happens and continue to pray that God heals her.

Update 02/02/08 PM- We got a call this afternoon that my grandma has taken another turn for the worse... She is now in a coma, her white blood cells have gone back up, and the Dr has now said she may not make it through the night...maybe tomorrow. We are leaving this evening to go to Louisiana.


Debbie Saiz said...

We are praying for your Mammaw. Our God is able!! IN JESUS NAME!!!

Krista said...

Thank You!!