Monday, November 12, 2007

SO Excited!!

I am SOOO excited about next week!!!! Myself and 3 other friends are headed to NEW YORK for Thanksgiving!!!! :) It is going to be a BLAST!!!! I'll be sure and keep everyone posted on our trip!! We leave next Wednesday! :)


Debbie Saiz said...

Have a blast on your trip to the Big Apple! I love NYC! Sometime you and your friends will have to make a trip to southern Cally. :)
I loved your blog about the little kid and Bro. Gleason's message!
Love you!

Krista said...

We will have a blast!! We are sooo excited!!! You know everyone thats going...Sarah, Venita, and Melodie. They are all SAMers! :) We would LOVE to come to southern Cally sometime! We'll have to put that on the calendar!! :)
Isn't that funny about Bro Gleason's message? haha We were laughing so hard! lol
Love you too!!

Steven Saiz said...

Hey, I like your new template for your blog. Have fun in NYC!

Krista said...

Thanks!! I like this template much better than the last one! We'll have a blast in NYC! Can you imagine....US girls in NYC!! haha NYC will never be the same!! :)

Steven Saiz said...

NYC Watch Out! They are coming!